Christel Pao | Doctor | @christelpao

How did you get into medicine, surfing and music?

Doctor: Since I was young, it has always been my ambition. Every time I would be asked what do you wanna be when you grow up, I would always answer: a Doctor.

Surf: After a challenging time of my life, I traveled a lot and discovered surfing– met single friends who share the same love for the ocean and learned how to surf together.

Music: I was 7 when my parents made me take piano lessons and my love for music was born. I learned how to play all other instruments and started composing songs about life.

What about it do you enjoy the most?

Doctor: The feeling that you’re able to directly and literally save lives like a superhero. Touch hearts. teach minds. transform lives.

Surf: Meet new people. New experiences. Feeling of freedom and you are motivated to travel and discover the different surf spots.

Music: I am able to express myself through music and at the same time inspire others. Through music I can share my talent and teach kids. It is how I channel my creativity.

What gets you started in the morning?

Knowing that is is a new day and there is one full-day worth of more opportunities to inspire others.

In one sentence, what’s your advice for Filipinos pursuing their passion?

Each day you'll wake up without knowing what’s gonna happen so in everything that you do, you got to give it your best and your everything because life is just too uncertain to settle for the ~mediocre~ kind.

amihan swimwear- CHRISTEL

What do you love about local brands?

It shows how Filipinos are very creative and resourceful. Local brands are always coming up with new ideas to challenge themselves to be globally competitive.

Any travel tips?

Always travel light.

Why are you an Amihan Girl?

I am a proud Filipina who is passionate about the things I believe in and the things that make me happy. I always make it to a point to radiate a vibrant vibe and hopefully rub it off every soul I encounter.

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