Eunice Bakunawa | Marketing Management Major | @eunicebakunawa


How did you start your passion?

I am passionate about music and performing. I've been singing ever since I was a little girl - music has always been in the family. None of us are professionals but we just love to sing and perform for fun anyway.

What about your work/passion do you enjoy the most?

Being on stage, or just generally singing in front of anyone and seeing their face light up when I start singing a song they love. It's a thrill like no other - Music just gets everyone, you know? It's a universal language that connects us all.

What are your upcoming projects?

At the moment, I'm just really excited and terrified to be in my last year of college: juggling school, my internship and a few part time gigs.

In one sentence, what's your advice for Filipinos pursuing passion projects?

Figure out what it is that you ultimately love to do, pursue it - no matter the number of obstacles life throws at you - and don't stop going after it.

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