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Gen Abanilla | Freediver & Co-founder of Seazoned Philippines | @genabanilla

Tell me something about yourself and your lifestyle

I'm a freediver from Manila and co-founder of Seazoned Philippines. I teach Basics of Skindiving. Most of the days I talk to people who wants to take our class, and I think of ideas and create promotions for Seazoned. I work on improving my dives every now and then. Some  days I try to finish a book, or write, or do anything not related to dives.

How did your love for freediving start?

It started in 2014 when I saw a freediving video which I thought was cool. A year later I decided to take a skindiving class and then I realized I want to pursue it. Come 2016, most of my weekends are scheduled for dives. It made me think of creative ideas related to it and the places to explore in the Philippines.

What about it do you enjoy the most?

It's the no-mind feeling that I enjoy. I'm out there and I feel like I'm on meditation mode. It's just me and the sea.

Share with us your scariest moment while free diving.

One of the creepiest would be diving in this huge hole, from a shipwreck in Coron. It was at 20 meters, it was dark and the visibility is not good. It creeps me out to look around while I'm inside the hole.

Share with us your most beautiful moment while free diving.

When I've seen my first eagle ray, shark and manta ray, that's the most beautiful moment for me. These creatures were just written on my notebook, wishing one day I'd be able to see one. I didn't expect that I'd see all these in just one year in our country.

What do you do during your free time?

I try to read articles related to marketing,  entrepreneurship and personality development. I also like watching freedive videos that inspire me to do the same in the future. Working out or pool swimming is also part of my routine.

In one sentence, what’s your advice for Filipinos pursuing their passion?

Enjoy the Journey.

Why do you support local/ What do you love about local brands?

Local brands is the pride of my country. I love when I use locally-made products because it reminds me of how talented and hard working Filipinos are.

Any travel/swimwear/fashion tips?

Wear what you're comfortable with. Find your strength (asset) and flaunt it.

What makes you an Amihan Girl?

I'm an Amihan girl because I'm passionate about something, which in my case is Freediving. An Amihan girl, for me, is one who pursues one thing she loves, even if it's not the norm. I'm empowered and more confident when I freedive and that makes me an Amihan Girl.

What’s next for Gen?

I'd love to inspire more people to dive, especially with my fellow Filipinas. I want them to know that we can dive deep, we can conquer our fears and we can become a trusted buddy when diving. Deeper dives and more underwater beauty to explore is what's next for me.

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