Genevieve Reyes | @thegenreyes
To be compassionate towards misunderstood creatures, promote responsible pet ownership & help people understand domesticated canines through the basics of dog psychology.

I'm very passionate about a lot of things that I adore equally. I’m drawn to the art of filmmaking, dancing, extreme sports, the outdoors & rehabilitating animals for fun.
What was your AHA moment when you said you want to pursue this?
Growing up, I have adopted troubled animals that require special attention. I enjoyed taking care of them and spent most of my time understanding them on my own. Cesar Millan was looking for people to train in Asia and he found me. I was the rookie amongst professionals in our batch and he continued to nurture me. 
Had my doubts because Cesar must’ve had better options but he assured me and said, “I chose you because you have the heart. And if you can easily learn, then why not?”. That was it. Ditched my plans and took the risk, next thing I knew it.. I was working with the Dog Whisperer and my fellow recruits on National Geographic. 
Regardless of the amazing opportunities the universe has given. I'm still very open to change because it’s the only thing that is constant in our lives

What about your it do you enjoy the most?
I love being a dog behaviorist. Giving misunderstood canines & frustrated dog owners a chance to understand each other is an opportunity to change lives. Plus, seeing the impossible become possible is beyond satisfying. 
When I am able to help improve the lives of both humans and canines, physically and mentally. Then, I’m happy. :)
Describe your perfect morning?
Waking up from a good night’s sleep at a calm and serene place. And realizing that I don’t have any work to do for the day! Yay!
What’s it like living your life?
Every day is different. 
Before anything else, I ask myself several questions to make sure I’m optimally utilizing my time and energy
~Will it help another person/dog?~
~Can it help you become a better person?~
~Will it challenge you & take you one step closer to your dreams?~
~Is it good for your physical & mental health?~
Then I move forward. Living an unconventional life can be physically and mentally draining but also fulfilling because you get to grow as a person and maximize your potential in a way. Working with dogs is just a hobby while I’m mastering the craft. At work, I’m usually at a film set as an apprentice of a TVC director. But there are days I work as an actress, a stunt double or a dog behavior consultant in the film industry. 
After all the work, I’m either learning to dance or spending time with my friends, dogs and horse. Rest time to recharge is as important.
GIRL INSPO: Ayelet Zurer

Why’d you say yes to becoming part of #GirlsOfAmihan?
I consider this a special opportunity for us to share our journey and advocacies. It could give hope to dog owners and inspire young Filipinas to dream big and have the courage to take risks, especially to those who are working in a male-dominated industry
What's your advice for women pursuing their passion?
Just go for it and worry about the rest later! 
Have unwavering faith in the universe’s plans for you
What’s next for Gen? 
I’ll continue to follow my bliss and do what I can to change lives, one dog at a time 
Photos by: 
Raniel Hernandez

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