Meet IAN

Hi, I'm Ian!  I love doing sports and other physical activities that challenge me. I started with competitive swimming when I was 12, and never looked back since. Sports was my escape and it gave me my identity, I love that it builds character, instills discipline and encourages you to interact and work well with others. Now, I try to apply what I have learned through sports and living an active lifestyle and share it with others

What type of fitness or physical activity are you into?
I like all kinds of workouts in activities. I like balancing the yin and yang. I love high intensity workouts at the gym, running, cycling and playing sports, on the other hand, I also enjoy doing more slower-paced activities like Pilates and Yoga. I believe that having a balance in your activities is key to sustaining the active lifestyle
How did you get into the fitness lifestyle?
I was a competitive athlete, and after the "competitive" years passed, I maintained the workouts and discovered more.

What about it do you enjoy the most?
I like how it can turn your day around and serve as a release if you're feeling stressed out.
Whats your best workout song?
My all time go-to pump up song is Ellie Goulding's "Lights"

What’s your advice for Filipinas who are trying to get that fitness lifestyle started?
Just go for it, find a workout that you enjoy and keep doing that.
Why do you support local brands?
Local brands showcase our homegrown talents, it usually brings out creativity we can relate to and also, by supporting local, you get a chance to help out your own :)
Why are you an Amihan Girl?
Because I stand out :)
Where can we follow you next?
Check out my instagram page (@ibanzon) for more updates. For now, I got my usual sessions at Nike+ Run Club, Ride Revolution and Maximus Athlete's Shop. If you need to recharge and  recover from your activities, you can schedule a session with me for Sports / Medical acupuncture.
Send me a message on instagram/facebook or email me at

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