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How did you get into writing:

I started with a personal blog about my life in Hong Kong called It was a way to record my experiences as a foreigner in that city (both good and bad), where I lived for four years. I then began to write about trips abroad as I began to explore the world with more frequency (I've always been adventurous but working in Hong Kong gave me the financial means and a convenient jumping off point to pursue traveling even further).

What about travel writing do you enjoy the most?

It gives me a fuller experience, because I have to know more about the place I'm going, do research on the food I'm eating; it forces me to ask more questions, talk to more locals, and make the most of the whole experience. Afterwards, I'm also pushed to reflect about the journey and put it down in words.


What are your upcoming projects?

A three-month stint in Hong Kong working for wildlife conservationist group Project C:Change ( That was a serendipitous role as I found myself in it after having met its founder, TV Producer Sean Lee-Davies in an airplane! Also continuing my work with We Are Sole Sisters having just joined the sisterhood a few months ago. I love the sense of community the team has, and there are a lof of opportunities given the boom of female-empowering travel blogs.

What is your biggest motivation -- What gets you started in the morning?

I am a morning person (and a night person, too!). I wake up excited for life and the endless possibilities a day can bring. I can't pinpoint my one biggest motivation but I am driven by the potential to be better, do more, love passionately, and explore untiringly.

In one sentence, what's your advice for Filipinos pursuing passion projects?

Make sure your heart is in the right place and everything else will follow :)

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