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Where is your go-to place for getaways?

Anywhere there's a beach! We usually go to Subic because it's the nearest place with a good beach.

What is your road-trip jam?

Honestly, Taylor Swift al the way

If you could have coffee with one inspiring woman, who would it be?

Tyra Banks

Give three adjectives to describe a beautiful Filipina:

Fun, fearless and kind

How did you get into your blogging?

I started blogging as a hobby. It was really unexpected because I was never into photography. It was my love for writing that pushed me to start my own blog.

What about blogging do you enjoy the most?

Meeting new people with inspiring stories.


Describe one challenging aspect of it.

Since I pretty much share my whole life on social media, sometimes people pry on my personal life.

On shuffling between lives, What keeps you motivated? What's your advice for other girls pursuing multiple "paths" in life?

Aside from blogging, I have a full time job as an events planner. The thing with events is--- it's very time consuming. We start setting up as early as midnight and we finish late too. It gets difficult to find time to work on my blog. But at the end, it's worth it because working on my passion is what helps me grow the most.

Can you name one thing on your bucket list that you have yet to do? (Anything under the sun!)

Go to Greece!

Describe your perfect morning.

Snuggling with my dog

What’s your advice for Filipinas pursuing their passion?

Don't compare yourself with others. Your story is different from the girl beside you. Some make it big right away while for others, it takes years. As long as it's something that you truly love, the result won't matter. What matters is how it impacts you.

Why do you support local?

I've always been disappointed with people who think that as long as it's imported, it's better. Our local brands are just as good. Plus, when we support local brands we contribute to our economy.

Amihan swimwear is a brand featuring the new wave of active, passionate and beautiful Filipinas. What makes you an Amihan girl?

I've always been that girl who could never just stay put. I get so restless. That's why I started being more active physically and taking on more projects for my blog. This way I'm always busy yet I never feel tired because it's something I love to do!

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