Karla Reyes | Procurement Officer for Visual Merchandising and Marketing for Robinsons Retail | @karlavreyes

How did you get into (your work/passion)?

I found my way into retail when my cousin launched Menina Step, a Spanish shoe brand in the Philippines. I originally wanted to be a brand merchandiser but with my background of finance, I was placed in procurement. It's a big plus that I was assigned to Marketing and Visual Merchandising.

What about your work/passion do you enjoy the most?

My work is mostly focused on protecting the company by getting the best deals for us, and making sure all our items are delivered on time. I don't want to settle with just being a "buyer" so I get more involved by suggesting better material or schemes to help the brands save money and/or innovate.

Work doesn't eat up my weekends so I have time to relax. My favorite way to unwind is to go to the beach, and see the Philippines. It's been my goal to see all parts of it, and be an active contributor to sustainable tourism development in the country.

What are your upcoming projects?

I'm working on getting back to school to take up Sustainable Tourism Development so I can build my dream resort that is Eco-friendly and 100% local.

What is your biggest motivation -- What gets you started in the morning?

I remind myself that I have so much more to give, and that each day is my time to shine.

What's your advice for Filipinos pursuing passion projects?

Keep your dream alive and never forget.

Why do you support Local?

What do you love about Local brands? I believe in what the Filipino people can do, and what this country has to offer. Local brands remind me of just that. So many people choose to dwell on what is left for the Philippines to give them, instead of what they can do for the country.

Any travel/fashion swimwear tips?

Do what the locals do! Its the best way to travel! Don't travel to see places, but to experience it.

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