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LEXI NOVAL | @flexinoval
Hi, I'm Lexi! I'm a fitness coach- for indoor cycling and funcitonal fitness, I'm also a clothing designer, commercial model, property consultant, Spartan Race Ambassadress and now fitness blogger as well (I'm coming out with a site, watch out for it!).

What type of fitness or physical activity are you into?
Movement. I grew up doing ballet, jazz, and contemporary but eventually delved into hiphop and even cheerleading as well. Aside from dance, I was also doing several activities with my family and friends like cycling with my dad and bro, weight lifting, hiit, circuit training, yoga, and several others. So in reality, I think I just really like being mobile.  

How did you get into the fitness lifestyle?
I was pretty much born into it- my mom was a dancer and she placed up her own dance and fitness studio in Iligan City, which was basically where I grew up. My dad is a doctor, and he implanted it into our heads that our health was everything.
What about it do you enjoy the most?
The bonding. I believe that getting past challenges with someone or people strengthens whatever relationship you have already. This is why teams are so close, they feel like they're family. It's like each hurdle that's surpassed is another thread sewn into pieces of fabric being placed together.

Whats your best workout song?
I've been really loving 'No Rights No Wrongs" by Jess Glynne to warm up to and "Teardrops" (feat. Jo Shine) by Crew Cardinal for intervals.

What’s your advice for Filipinas who are trying to get that fitness lifestyle started?
Curate your surroundings with things and people who share the same goal as you.

Why do you support local brands?
I support local brands because in the grand scale of things,  it showcases the talent that the country has to offer, it helps our economy, and it gives us all something to be proud of. But in a more personal level, there is really a stronger connection with something that's made by a fellow Filipino/a. The brand is inclined to understand you more. It has unique character that suits you better. And even the service is more warm and personal.

Any upcoming projects? Where can we follow you next?

I've recently become one of the leaders of Sun's Out Fitness- a fitness community based in BGC (for now). We believe that fitness is for everyone, of all ages, and mobility levels. That's why we hold free bootcamps and also try to subsidize costs for special classes like yoga, different kinds of martial arts, and even dance classes. We do this by partnering with gyms and studios to enable access for our members, to a variety of activities together and at a cost that's more affordable. Because again, fitness to us, shouldn't be a luxury. It is a lifestyle that we all have the right to have.

We have been growing quite rapidly, and now have several sub clubs to keep up with interests of our members. We now have a Power Committee, SOfit Running Club, Movement Enhancement, and even an Adventure Club for trail runs, hiking trips, and "Fitcations." That all said, I think it'll be easiest to find me in one of our sessions, which can all be found through announcements in our FB page and IG account, and soon- our website.

Why are you an Amihan Girl?
My depiction of an amihan girl, is someone who doesn't just have a broad reach of influence. I believe an Amihan girl can rouse the fire of an individual through the geniune connection she has to a person. I think she is someone who can inspire change for the better. Someone who finds the opportunity to build friendships because of relatable weaknesses. Someone who can bring out the strength in a person, that they didn't know they had. This said, together with my strong belief in synergy. I feel that people have accepted me into their lives because we have felt each other's purposeful spirit to bring out great change within each other. I imagine that it is because of this spark that has made me an amihan girl.

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