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Liz Anne Reyes | Full time model | @ziiilseyer

How did you get into modeling?

Well my mom was the one who pushed me into modeling and I realized how much fun it was.

What about it do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy dressing up and being able to play different personalities in different shoots. I love that I get to meet new people and get to travel and shoot out of town sometimes.

What are the hard parts of being a model?

Early call time haha! Or worst they want a specific look, like cut your hair short or color it blue black so it will look super shiny on TV. But then you have to please the casters and clients so you can’t just say no. Every shoot is a challenge for me be it pushes me to work well and be better.

What are your upcoming projects?

Well, I am waiting for my new tvc this year. I had fun while shooting this so i'm really excited.

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