Luisa Jimenez  | @worldofpatterns
Handmade things, Sustainable Fashion/Natural Dye, Eating clean, surf, yoga, Waldorf education 
What was your AHA moment when you said you want to pursue these?
I sat down and wrote down the top 3 things that make me happy and things that I’m naturally good at or I can learn to be good at. Since then I’ve been doing these things and so far life has been full of uncertainty, Adventures, lessons and joy. 
What was your happiest moment in your constant pursuit of your passion?
It was when people started showing interest in my hobbies, allowing me to share these with them, seeing the joy it brings and at the same time making it sustainable allowing me to keep on doing what I love doing and spreading good hearty vibes, realizing that work and passion can go hand in hand. 
Describe your perfect morning?
A perfect morning would be having good coffee (just the smell makes me happy), a pastel colored sunrise surf session, a nice yoga session afterwards and a home made hearty breakfast
What’s it like living your life?
I have been traveling for the past few years of my life and though I love exploring there was a part of me that was slowly starting to want to have a home base, a place of my own that I can always go back to after traveling, a space I can personally design where I can do my arts and crafts, where I can surf and where I can have a small edible garden. I have recently moved to this simple place I now call home. So to answer your question, my days have been full, making this home, cleaning, fixing, decorating and cooking. 
Name your girl inspo
Theres a collective consciousness rising now and a part of it are the many women who are relentlessly following their dreams, sharing their light and passion, living a more mindful life and managing to make it sustainable at the same time. I am humbled and inspired by you. 
Why’d you say yes to becoming part of #GirlsOfAmihan?
Amihan goes beyond selling swimwear. You guys empower and encourage us women to be unique, brave and adventurous.
In one sentence, what's your advice for women pursuing their passion projects?
I read this somewhere: Happiness is a by-product of a life well lived. 
What’s next for Luisa?
Just living a more mindful, simple and full life and see where it takes me.
Photos by:
Raniel Hernandez

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