Hi, I'm Mau Emily! Im a free spirited, nature and animal lover type of person. I love surfing and being active in sports every single day. Im the type who cant stay put in one place
What type of fitness or physical activity are you into and why?
Running. Ive been a runner all my life and its something I’ve always loved to do.
How did you get into the fitness lifestyle?
I dont know, growing up I was really just always racing against boys until I joined my very first track competition and broke multiple records and won MVP. That's how I got into track and field
What about it do you enjoy the most?
The thrill of racing, I guess. I dont like losing. I like crossing the finish line first

Whats your best workout song?
I dont listen to music when I workout :)
What’s your advice for Filipinas?
Dont give up.
Why do you support local?
I support local because if we dont start with ourselves who else would?

Where can we follow you next?
Come run with me and my Adidas team every Monday & Wednesday 7pm right across salad stop BGC. We’re more than just running, we’ll help you get that body you want!

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