Moira dela Torre | Singer/Songwriter | @moiradelatorre

Tell us briefly about your journey as a singer/songwriter. How did you get into music?

I was born into a family of singers so singing, for me, came at a very early age. But it was when I was around 12 years old that I became passionate about it. I had gone through anorexia and the day I decided to eat again, I decided I needed an outlet and so, picked up the guitar, played the only chords I knew then and wrote my very first song ever. I never stopped since.

When it comes to writing music, what are your biggest sources of inspiration?

Real time. Real things. Real emotions. I guess my strongest songs come from my most felt moments. I’m a firm believer that as important as it is to feel, it’s also important to guard yourself from your own emotions and your own thoughts. For me, writing it down, creating something out of it, helps me express what I need to let out. And so, these moments, whether good or bad, whether mine or not, these are what keeps me writing.

Give three words to describe your brand of music.

Folk. Soul. Personal.

Describe the best songwriting environment.

Two pictures come to mind: First, me on a soft, furry rug, papers scattered everywhere, cold breeze, nothing but natural light to fill up the room and my guitar. I think that best describes my normal atmosphere when writing. Second, I love collaborating. When the people you write with are so passionate it’s so contagious; when they respect the silence before the perfect lines come out; when they appreciate words even when it doesn’t come from their own mouth; when the chemistry between you and these songwriters are just so obvious and when you all have the same heart and goal behind it— i think that makes such a perfect environment. (And that always makes such a beautiful song!)

What about being a singer/songwriter do you enjoy the most?

Being able to connect with people from all walks of life through the songs that I write.
What is one challenging aspect of your work? — Trying to milk out a song when you’re emotionally stable. Lol!

Where is your go-to place for getaways?

LA and Balesin!


What is your road-trip jam?

Sara Bareilles, John Mayer, The Staves, Bon Iver


If you could have coffee with one inspiring woman, who would it be?

Michelle Obama! Because she’s just so honest! It would be impossible to bump into the First Lady and not learn anything valuable, how much more actually having coffee with her. I love her. I love how she speaks, how she carries herself, how she confidently and beautifully leads and yet, still be a present wife and mother. I wanna be as strong as her when I grow up.

Give three adjectives to describe a beautiful Filipina

God fearing. Brave. Kind.

In one sentence, what’s your advice for Filipinas pursuing their passion?

Never let go.

Why do you support local?

During my recent trip to the States, I met a man who gave me unsolicited advice on releasing my music in the US. He said, and I quote “Maybe it would be better to save your Tagalog songs for a later time. You will make it, for sure.. but only if you release songs that are more, uh, universal. Like English songs.” So I went ahead and did the exact opposite. I learned about Filipino proverbs, explored Filipino nursery rhymes and created new songs out of them. I was never ashamed of our language but learning all of that made me fall in love and appreciate what we have. I guess this also applies to everything else made in the Philippines. When done well, it’s something we can all be proud about.

What can we expect from you and your music in the next few months?

I recently signed with my new label and I’ll be releasing my next album very soon! Tagalog songs included! I’m so excited!

Amihan swimwear is a brand featuring the new wave of active, passionate and beautiful Filipinas. What makes you an Amihan girl?

I am a proud Filipina who passionately loves what she does and would want nothing more than to represent her country well.

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