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Monika Truong | Model & Businesswoman | @monika.ktr


How did you get into modeling?

My desire to pursue what I do started when I was little and by the influence of my mother as well since she was into Showbiz. I couldn't figure out what was my real passion but through time and doing what I feel like doing, one thing led to another by being exposed into business and (commercial) modeling.

What about your work do you enjoy the most?

Every project or work I have to do brings something different to my plate. I enjoy the experiences and it makes me learn more each time.

What are your upcoming projects?

Currently, I've been hired to model for STRUT (@wear.strut) when I return from Europe!

What is your biggest motivation -- What gets you started in the morning?

Music! Upon waking up I love turning the radio on or play my own playlist to get me started & active. It boosts my energy! Other than that, I'm always up for different "challenges" and adventures the day has to bring.

(Moving from Greece to the PH), what struck you about Philippine culture? What are your favorite things about Ph culture & women?

Of course the lifestyle was different for me. I just have to say that if I had a dollar for every time I said "it's a small world" id have millions. (Haha) I didn't have such a big culture shock but I had to learn one or two things more.
Furthermore, I love how women express themselves in different ways thru their own passion. I believe that women should support one another.

What's your advice for Filipinos pursuing passion projects?

Do you! Everyone will have their opinion yet believe in yourself.
Gain more knowledge, learn more, fall - get up, and be driven!

Why do you support Local? What do you love about Local brands?

Local brands are usually inspired by the country's environment. I love how these brands embrace its authenticity!

Any travel/fashion swimwear tips?

Bring a variety of swimwear with you just in case! (either it's a hipster, cheeky, fully covered or brazilian bikini bottom😉) But if you're traveling light mix and match!

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