Meet PIA

Pia Lopez | Surfer | Model | NGO | @piasurf

How did you get into your passion?

About a few years ago when I decided to move back to the Philippines from Maui, Hawaii, I wrote in my journal a few goals or wishes I had. I wanted to surf and explore my home country, work with an NGO on surf and ecotourism projects, and I wanted to model...
I am still astounded with the power of intention.

What about it do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy living a simple yet purpose driven life.

Describe your perfect morning?

If it's not double overhead and glassy in our home break, then a cup of good coffee with my Love would do.  

What is your biggest motivation? — What gets you started in the morning?

Purpose and spirit. Pursuit of happiness. But what really gets me up early are good waves.

In one sentence, what’s your advice for Filipinos pursuing their passion?

Have a vision that fuels your passion and contributes to the greater good.

Why do you support local/ What do you love about local brands?

I studied environmental studies and ecotourism. Going local solves more than half of the issues.

You have lived in several countries. What made you decide to move back to the Philippines permanently?

I was born here. The warmth of the islands and people have always stayed with me... anyways, nowhere else had felt like home as this country has.

Any travel/swimwear/fashion tips?

FASHION: Go functional and minimal.
Pack everything in one small backpack. Dont they bring your whole house.
TRAVEL: Let the place fill you with new outlooks and experiences.
Remember that you’re going into someone else’s home. Be respectful, be humble. Get to know the locals and they’ll show you their home and much more.

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