amihan swimwear- rachel
Rachel Halili | Adventure Artist | @rachelhalili
Tell me something about yourself and your lifestyle

I’m Rachel and I love to create. I climb mountains and skin dive during my free time to fuel my imagination. Most of my days are spent designing in front of my computer and making ideas come to life for Where To Next.

How did your love for art start?

Art was my favorite subject when I was a kid. Back then, my dream was to become a children's book illustrator. In High School, my teachers would get mad at me because I was always busy doodling in my notebook instead of paying attention in class. But as I grew older, I discovered a new love in photography and graphic design.

What about it do you enjoy the most?

My passion is translating the beauty I see in the world into art, to inspire people to go out there and see it for themselves. Right now, I enjoy making digital collages the most. I like creating fictional destinations by combining the photos I took from my travels. I'm not good with words so it's my way if expressing how I feel about the places I explore.

Where do you get inspiration for your art?

I get inspiration from everywhere! Whenever I travel, I always tell myself to keep an open mind and try to get as much ideas from stories of the people I meet. When I'm at home, I browse through photos and art online and listen to music. Living in Metro Manila could get toxic at times so I try to get a dose of fresh air as much as I can by hitting the beach or mountains during the weekends.

What's your favorite art creation and why?
Amihan Swimwear- Rachel Art

This collage remains to be my favorite because it shows my love for seas and summits. I used two photos for this artwork. One was taken at the summit of Mt. Pulag and the other at Calayan Island.

What’s your advice for Filipinos pursuing their passion?

Surround yourself with people who have the same passion as you.

Why do you support local/ What do you love about local brands?

The thing I love about local brands is the heart and soul they put into every product. There’s always a story behind it and there's so much potential for growth. Working on a local brand myself has been a tough and tiring journey, but the support from friends and fellow Filipinos keep me going.

Any travel tips?

Travel with passion and purpose! Have fun, collect ideas, create and give back. 🙂
What makes you an Amihan Girl?

I'm an Amihan girl because I see the world as a playground full of opportunities to share my craft.

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