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Sabs Bengzon | Surfer/Photographer | @lovewesay

Can you tell us about your "plan" (or lack thereof) for the next six++ months?

​The plan is to get lost, and get immersed in nature and simple living. I love the idea of not knowing exactly where I'll be days from now, or weeks, just a direction and a few predetermined stops in between. I would like to lose track of time, literally. There will be surf, and a lot of exploring, a lot of space and time, and some making friends, I hope.

What are you most excited for on this trip?

​Definitely I am most excited to not have an itinerary, for a long period of time. To finally be able to listen to the pull and urge and needs of the body, and to learn about all that against the backdrop of this incredible country and its people. ​

What scares you the most about living on the road?

​Safety will always be at the back of my mind, but the living is worth the risk. Leaving basically everything comfortable behind is going to be challenging, and I'm going to be pushed to my limits along the way but I'll also be learning what is essential to me.

Can you tell us about your journey as a photographer? How did you get into surf photography and what inspired you along the way?

​I've always dabbled in photography since I was younger, and ever since surf came into my life I've just fallen more and more in love with living simply and living with nature. ​Bringing photography into the water was just a way for me to explore another dimension of surf, another dimension of the ocean. I get the same stoke catching an incredible wave with my camera as with a surfboard, and every time I get in the water, or go for a hike, or jump off a waterfall, nothing surpasses that feeling and that inspires my work.

Growing up in the city and in modern society, there’s a lot of pressure to follow the well-worn “corporate” path.  What keeps you motivated to stay in your field and to do what you do?

​Having checked off a good number of items on "The List," and finding that I had been leading my life according to other people's expectations led me to take a good look at myself and my values and priorities. Maybe it's not so much about being motivated to stay in this field, because that can change. Plans can change, but I have to keep listening for what is true to me. So I'm not saying, stay out of corporate and come do what I do. Do you. That's all I'm doing.

I know this is preempting a journey that you have yet to take, but what is a sacrifice that you have to make “living on the road”?

​Hot baths. Haha! No kidding though. Beginning the trip at the start of rainy season is no joke, I expect. The comforts of a warm bath and comfy clean toilet will be sorely missed. Living basically outside my comfort zone, friends and family far away, is a sacrifice.​

Describe your perfect morning.
​The perfect morning would be waking up at around sunrise, to a view of line after line of swell coming in, ​head high peelers out front, the fog just lifting, clear skies, and enough time for an energy boosting smoothie before paddling out for hours-long surf or with my camera. Then coming back after a satisfying session and making brunch.
What is your road trip jam?
​Currently, I'm feeling anything by Ziggy Alberts.

If you could have coffee with one inspiring woman (or maybe bring someone along on your road trip for a day), who would it be?

​That's tough. I'm surprised to say, maybe my mom. She has been inspiring to me ​in many different ways, and I want to be able to share even a day of this life-changing experience. It's probably not her thing at all, but just, I want to share this world of joy I've found for myself that she worked so hard to provide in my life growing up. I want to share my happiness with her, and hope to ease her worries even by the slightest.
Give three adjectives to describe a beautiful Filipina:  
​Can I be daya? I think the most beautiful Filipina is one who is herself. Confident or shy, morena or mestiza, tough or gentle, whatever. She is whoever she wants to be. All Filipinas are beautiful, even the ones who don't believe they are.

Can you name one thing on your bucket list that you have yet do?
​Skydive. Basejump. Basically anything that involves falling through the sky.​

In one sentence, what's your advice for Filipinos pursuing their passion?
Have faith.

How can we follow you on your upcoming adventure and what can we expect from you guys?
​You can expect a ton of nature and surf photos and learnings and stories on our van life journey, I've got a blog over at and my instagram @lovewesay or Pipoy's @poy_supertramp.

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