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Hello there, my name is Summer!

Simply put, I'm a bohemian surfer girl who loves to take photographs, make great cups of coffee and who is always working on handcrafted things.

I was born and raised in the city but I realized at a very early age that I did not want to live around a concrete jungle full of pollution and never ending consumerism. I knew I wanted to live simply and be surrounded by nature, so I started travelling early. I learned how to surf sometime in my college years and started living that lifestyle. I eventually found a home on the island of Siargao at the age of 23, and since then, I have been working towards moving my life on the island.

I share my story through coffee and my art works.
Their only real wish is to reflect the beauty and madness of the natural and to share a laidback lifestyle that is lived with quality.

I pretty much live my days reading/writing poems, taking photographs, making site-specific art installed works, all-natural skin care products, an ocean friendly surfboard wax (which I am to launch soon!), and of course, making coffee and conversation.

I travel around and bring coffee to share with friends or people I meet along the way. And now after getting known for coffee, art, and surf, I am finally in the process of building my own coffee shop along with my partner.


How did you get into the coffee business and making soaps and other handcrafted things?

    I worked as a barista in two very lovely coffee shops in Metro Manila and also did guest barista gigs in different coffee shops around surf spots. All of which taught me so much about coffee quality, service, and business. But even before all the experience in coffee shops and making coffee itself, I’ve always dreamed of having something of my own. A place where I can make and showcase my art and other people’s art, over a great cup of coffee and a plate of delicious homemade desserts.

    As for the handcrafted things, I’ve always liked making things from scratch and tinkering stuff to fit my own style. I found that a lot of people are interested in what I do and would want one for themselves, so I decided to make more and collaborate with other local brands to be able to share my art.


    What about it do you enjoy the most?

    As much as I love getting good feedback and good vibes in return, I really enjoy the process of making. For making all-natural products and working with dye, it’s getting my hands dirty to waiting for the final outcome of my work.

    And for coffee it’s the process of getting the days’ calibration for the coffee beans on point. As well as getting better and better at latte art (because it’s so cute! And I love people’s reactions when they get a pretty cup). I get really excited over these things.

    Describe your perfect morning?

    A perfect morning is waking up to a sunny weather with a cool breeze. With glassy waves waiting to be surfed as I prepare a cup of coffee, have a light breakfast, and wait for my sunscreen to dry.


    What gets you started in the morning?

    Breakfast and surf are my biggest motivations.


    What’s your advice for Filipinos pursuing their passion?

    Don’t quit your daydream.


    Why do you support local?

    I love and support local brands because it gives us a sense of nationality and it encourages many to be proud of what we have, what we are, and what more we could do. Especially if it is a brand that thinks about and cares for the good nature and people.

    What’s it like living in Siargao, what do you like most about being an island girl?

    Living in Siargao is a learning experience, from surfing reef breaks, to bigger waves, and even teaching myself how to ride a bike! Living here also means dealing with a lot of people who come and go. But there are also people who have settled here, hoping to build a sustainable life. The community of surfers on the island has been developing into one who is pushing for the love of Mother Nature and I am really grateful to be part of that.

    Being an island girl has pushed me to become the best version of myself, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. It keeps reminding me to be humble and thankful for what I have and who I am now. I definitely love the surf! Though I may not be a great surfer (yet).


    What are your upcoming projects?

    My partner and I are currently working on building a coffee shop, which will serve the best damn coffee in Siargao. So if ever you’re on the island sometime on the first quarter of 2017, we promise to make your visit worthwhile, even with just a cup of coffee. For now you can follow us at @nomadic_coffee on instagram for updates. :p

    I also have a brand I’m working on which will encourage people to use all-natural products on themselves and their surfboards ;)


    Why are you an Amihan Girl?

    The brand believes in women who have passion and are actively living life to the fullest. I like to believe that I definitely live my life with both those traits. And I will always continue to do so, because I want to inspire others (even in the smallest of ways) to challenge their own and to pursue the best version of themselves.

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