Gabriella Victoria Buencamino | Teacher &1/2 of Moonwlk | @gabrilliant


How did you get into music?

"Three years ago, what seemed like a series of unfortunate events led to a songwriting project with a friend that worked so well we decided to keep doing it. Thus, Moonwlk was born. "

What about music do you enjoy the most?

"Hearing people express their appreciation for the music we created."

What are your upcoming projects?

"Moonwlk just launched its second album so we're promoting that and working on new material. On a personal level, I will be publishing a book of poetry which some songs from our first album were based on."

What is your biggest motivation?

"Accomplishing whatever I set out to do for the day."

In one sentence, what's your advice for Filipinos pursuing passion projects?

"Trust your instincts and say yes to every opportunity, even if (or ESPECIALLY if) it scares you a little. "

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